Drs. Aieta and Hayden
have taken the veil down.

The keys that doctors have been gripping for themselves are now here and ready for your hands.

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The Power of the Perfect (For You) Diet

In Your Hands
Not Your Doctor’s

Trying and failing at losing weight again is just not on your mile-long list of “to-do’s-I-love” anymore.

And you’re sick of hearing, “Oh! You need to go Paleo!”
“Try vegan!” “OHHHH! Have you done RAW, yet??” (Knowing that these friends who are pushing their latest fad on you are going to be calling you in three weeks, crying because they just “couldn’t do it”.)

Shut out the noise and create your own healthy body. Without the fads. Without the frustration. Because you now know what’s affecting your weight — all the way down to your cells.

“Dr. Aieta: Just wanted to share the news that I didn’t make the Patriots squad, BUT I weighed myself this morning and hit 130 pounds and that meant A LOT to me. Thanks again for your help! May indulge in some fries and pizza tomorrow BUT back to being healthy on Monday!”

     ~ Kaitlyn D

You’ve had success with high protein, low carb diets. Only to have your success snatched out from under you as soon as you ate an extra slice of bread.

Your daily ritual of Green Tea has had little effect on your goal of feeling like your younger, more carefree self again.

And don’t even think about the countless nights you’ve laid awake miserable, because all you want? Is to love the body you’re living in, if only you could figure out what nutrients you haven’t been taking to make it happen.

This is the first book of its kind and it puts the secrets in your hands that have, until now, been only for doctors.

Written by Drs. Frank Aieta and Diane Hayden to help you hone in on your specific problems by creating a diet plan you love and want to live with without expensive doctor visits to lead your quest and by putting all the knowledge you need in your hands.

I joined the Solving Your Weight Loss Puzzle 365 private FB page for the support of its like-minded members and team experts (Dr. Diane, Dr. Aieta and Aimee) and to have access to all the information on the page as well as the website portal. Joining this group has helped me stay accountable and I feel that I am not alone in this journey. This program offered me emotional support and gave me the tools I needed to change my mindset. There is so much support and guidance, from the webinars and informative articles to recipes and personal stories. And the website portal is loaded with so many tools, expert advice, recipes and exercise videos — all of which are there whenever I need or want them. I recommend this program to anyone looking for a lifestyle change, mind and body.

Mary G.

I love being a part of the WLPS continuity program.The webinars and videos have been so helpful. I get great information on how to get in exercise/workouts even when away from home with little or no equipment. The support on the private Facebook page is fantastic! It is great to be able to put a question out there and have Dr. Diane, Aimee, or Dr Aieta there to give us the answers. I love the recipes that are posted and to learn of products that support our nutrition, many I am sure I never would have been aware of on my own. I love that Dr. Diane and Aimee remind us of self-care so that we have more to give to ourselves and our families. I like when Dr Aieta explains to us so concisely the benefits of a high fat diet, sea salt, grass-fed meat and butter and so much more. Rather than just tell us to eat this not that – we are really being very informed. I like that all the members share on the page and know that if they can do it, it can be done.

Lois G.
  • A slow thyroid can stop your progress – no matter what you try, if you don’t address it first.
  • Estrogen and progesterone being out of balance keep you craving foods that stand in your way of wearing the clothes that make you feel good.
  • And DHEA-Sulfate can snatch your motivation to move, making trips to the gym, or even home workouts, unbearable.

But once you know what exactly is going on in your body on a cellular level, you can kill what is sabotaging you (at the table or on the treadmill).

What this book does:

  • Un-encrypts what your blood components mean and how you can use that power to unlock the diet that will lead to weight loss, a healthy body, and the clothes you want in your closet
  • Deciphers the culprits that are blocking your progress so you can reach the balance YOUR body needs to drop fat, raise energy levels, and handle stress like a leader
  • Puts the power of your mind behind your success — guaranteeing you’ll win this long-fought battle — finally
  • Allows you to piece your own puzzle together without expensive doctor visits that insurance doesn’t cover anyway
  • Pulls all aspects of YOU into your view so you can understand and alter behaviors that are keeping you in a cyclical pattern of not-winning-as-much-as-you’d-like from a holistic standpoint

How This Book Does It:

  • Breaks down the hormones and blood components like Estrogen, TSH, and Am Cortisol (you know that stuff that stores fat around your middle ) and what their functions are in your body (but it isn’t a doctor’s reference book written by a kid from med school trying to impress his professors, you’ll understand every bit of it)
  • Tells you what information you need to know about how each one affects how you feel, the results of it being “off-center”, and how you can make it right
  • Shows you where you can go to have your own independent labs conducted, at a discount in most cases
  • Illustrates the “how” in making your mind, your habits, and your food work together to create a body that yearns to jog along the beach or climb the mountains
  • Hands you completely within-reach actions that you’ll use to begin a new love story with your body

Who this book is for:

  • People who have fought fad diets, only to be disappointed
  • People who have a basic knowledge of holistic medicine (though it’s not a requirement)
  • People who are ready to take control of their bodies and finally feel good

I am no longer a diabetic, have normal blood pressure and plan on continuing my present lifestyle forever. 9 months ago when I first saw Dr. Aieta I was a 49 year old man who felt 80, now I’m a 49 year old man that feels 29. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me, Dr Aieta. I just can’t understand why the so called expert in the field of diabetes (my endocrinologist) had no clue how to treat me, he just knew how to put me on more useless medication instead of getting to the root of the problem like Dr. A.

Marcus C

It is now one and half years later and I have no hot flashes whatsoever and feel like I did when I was in my 30’s. Dr. Aieta has helped me overcome many other health concerns over the past year and a half and I still see him on a monthly basis for acupuncture, spinal manipulation and most of all encouragement. I am very grateful to Dr. Aieta for all that he has done for me when other doctors told me to just live with it because they didn’t know how to help me.


About The Docs

Dr. Frank Aieta has been treating patients for 13 years. He’s seen women with the most difficult health issues turn their lives into ones they want to live by doing detective work on their blood tests and lasering in on what’s turning their progress upside down in his practice in Connecticut. Dr. Aieta is a board certified and licensed Naturopathic Physician with a private practice in West Hartford, Connecticut. He specializes in the treatment of disease, utilizing natural therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy, spinal manipulation, clinical nutrition, and herbal medicine. 

Learn more about him at

Dr. Diane Hayden, PhD is an entrepreneur, mindset warrior, perspective shifter and unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you reach your wildest dreams in business, fitness, performance, and relationships. She started a health and wellness publishing business with nothing more than passion, a laptop and a dream, and has created a socially conscious print and digital platform that has touched over 1 million people in the last 10 years. She is the owner and publisher of Natural Nutmeg Magazine, Essential Living Maine Magazine and ELM Publishing. She holds a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Connecticut, a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Maryland and is an Empowerment Life Coach. For 20 years, her work has focused on inspiring individuals to learn about the power of thought and emotion and how it shapes their lives.

Learn more at: and

It isn’t about hoping. It’s about knowing.

Feeling rejuvenated and revitalized doesn’t come from guesswork
about your body and its natural, holistic needs.

It comes from knowing exactly how YOUR body functions and what it requires on a cellular level (because yours is different from Susie) to give you that light-as-a-feather, energy-out-the-wazoo feeling you’ve longed for for years.

You’ll even find specially formulated products created by Drs. Aieta and Hayden available to help you focus on putting the good stuff in your body, easily.

Because in this day and age? Time is the one thing we don’t have.

Ready to don those Nikes? Ready to slip into something that looks as good on the outside as how you feel on the inside? Ready to shift into control over your own body?

Then you’re ready for this first of its kind book to do that.

You hear that whisper?

That’s your soul. Asking you to give it what it’s been begging for.


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