Solving Your Weight Loss Puzzle 365

$29.00 / month for 12 months

Finally, a comprehensive resource that provides not only education and guidance, but also the ongoing support needed to get you through weight loss “tough stuff” and help you celebrate the successes! This 12 month membership coaching program provides a systemized approach to incorporating healthy behaviors into your life and includes a private group Facebook page where you can interact with other members as well as Dr. Frank, Dr. Diane and Aimee.

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By joining the “Solving Your Weight Loss Puzzle 365” program, you will receive:

  1. Access to Dr. Aieta on our private FB page and in our Monthly Live Q&A calls for questions about your health and wellness goals. Dr. Aieta is typically booked out months for appointments – so this is a FANTASTIC opportunity to have live/on demand access to him for questions about all things keto and weight loss!
  2. Live Q&A Calls with Dr. Aieta/Dr. Hayden/Aimee Chandler
    On the 1st of the month we’ll post a recorded podcast with Dr. Aieta/Dr. Hayden on the monthly topic. You’ll have 2 weeks to listen to it and on the 15th of the month join us LIVE for a discussion and Q&A call to get your questions answered!

    This is an amazing opportunity to have direct access to our WLPS experts giving you strategies & processes to plug into your achievement engine! Dr. Aieta/Hayden/Aimee are experts in: Nutrition, Strength Training, Mindset, Stress Reduction, Nutraceuticals, Metabolism, Fat Loss, Female Hormone Management, Healthy Cooking, Meal Planning, Food Shopping, Confidence Building and Goal Setting! You have access to these calls FOREVER through our Library on the FB group page. These are available to you free and for a fee for non-members.

  3. Themed months and monthly emails with the what, why and how details of each themed month in the areas of exercise, nutrition and mindset.
  4. 30 min new workout videos EVERY MONTH that can be home based or practiced in the gym – live and recorded. Reviews on fitness and exercise programs and the latest cutting edge ways to get and stay active.
  5. Access to the Private Facebook Community
    Access to the Private Facebook Group Page with Dr. Frank, Dr. Diane and Aimee and other members where we coach/comment/answer questions and support each other. Here’s where you can meet many other like-minded women making changes in their life daily to make things happen! This isn’t a group of ‘talkers’ this is a group of ‘doers’.
  6. Weekly recipes to sustain your keto lifestyle and introduce you to new keto products.
  7. Free shipping on supplement orders.
  8. WLPS 365 Food, Fitness and Fun in Connecticut! Dr. Aieta, Dr. Hayden and Aimee take monthly field trips to local farms, farm to table restaurants, outdoor adventure facilities, local breweries/wineries to introduce you to what’s happening in CT that’s local, healthy and not to be missed!


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