The Journey

I end many of my articles with the saying, “Isn’t it all about what we learn on the journey than what’s at the end of the road? But many of us are so busy frantically trying to get to the end of the road or “there”, that we totally miss the journey. Wherever “there” is […]

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Maintain a Healthy Mind-Body Connection

Anyone with an advanced degree has probably been told, “Oh, you’re a perpetual student” in some condescending manner. Believe me; I heard it from a number of relatives on more than one occasion. I never let it bother me though, because I knew I was on to something. Being a perpetual student is not something […]

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The Weight Loss Puzzle Finally Solved! – Dr. Frank Aieta

The Weight Loss Puzzle Finally Solved with Dr. Frank Aieta and Dr. Diane Hayden

We go through periods of time in our lives when the demands are greater and the stress load is heavier. Regardless of the reasons: illness, relationship difficulties, work struggles, caring for an aging parent or ailing child, there can be a physical impact. We may turn to food for comfort, or we may not nourish […]

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The Weight Loss Puzzle Finally Solved! – Dr. Diane Hayden

Trying and failing at losing weight again is just not on your mile-long list of to-do’s­I­love anymore. And you’re sick of hearing “Oh! You need to go Paleo!” “Try vegan!” “OHHHH! Have you done RAW, yet??” It’s time for something new, something revolutionary, something that REALLY WORKS. This is the first book of its kind […]

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